Kevin D. Ledford

After graduation from the University of Memphis in 1986, Kevin began his professional career at Ashworth Engineering in Collierville, Tennessee.  After leaving Ashworth in 1988, Kevin worked with Chris-Hill Construction as Project Manager for the re-construction of the Courtyard Loading and Unloading area at Federal Express.  Kevin also worked for Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon for 8 years as Client Manager, Designer and Project Engineer.  Kevin and Jean started Ledford Engineering and Planning in 1999 with a focus on Public Housing, Municipal Design and Land Development.  Kevin has design and construction experience in a wide variety of projects, from small municipal utility extensions to large public and private projects.  Kevin is licensed in 5 states in the southeast and has certificates in lead paint abatement design, water and wastewater systems modeling, pipeline assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic watershed modeling, as well as flood study preparation.


Outside of work Kevin enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family.  Whether its fly fishing, cycling, running, badminton, kick ball, or just an old fashion cookout, outside is my kind of place. 


Grace has been the sustainer during many trails in life.  Praise God for Christ my defender and righteousness.